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The artist Philip Wallisfurth, alias Senor Schnu, has been traveling in Germany and the world since 2007.
His works cover a wide spectrum from classic paste-ups to moss graffiti, sculptures and paintings on canvas to murals, often with pop culture borrowings. If its roots is in street art, Wallisfurth’s medium is above all the spray can. His style is also characterized by his flexibility in terms of choice of materials and artistic expression: for example, he has been experimenting with impressive, anamorphic room installations for some time.

He himself defines his style as an ambivalent mix of „dirty“ graffiti or street art techniques and „clean“ graphic elements as found in contemporary art. Another special feature is his use of colors, which thrive on strong contrasts and positive energy and trigger a feeling of „instant happiness“ in the viewer. In general, it is important to him that the viewer can become a part of the artwork and interact with it, for example in an anamorphic room installation that can be entered or through identification with characters such as the happily laughing ice cream called Senor Schnu.

The artist also organizes and curates well-known projects both inside and outside the scene, such as “Wandelism”, “Hometown Berlin” or the Paste-Up Festival Germany, from the idea through to implementation.

Philip Wallisfurth never stands still and is always looking for the next exciting project. You can find works of him in several cities- and he is part of solo and group shows in Germany and around the world. He can also count Porsche, Jack Daniels, Google and Vans among his clients to name a few.